Awesome Saturday Afternoon Birthday Parties at Gentle East!

For Your Child’s Special Birthday Party this Year, We’ll Add a Free Gift Whose Benefits May Last a Lifetime!

Hold your child’s birthday party on a Saturday afternoon at Gentle East Martial Arts in Midlothian this year and in addition to almost an hour’s worth of fun and games we’ll throw in a free gift for your child and all their invited friends.

Here’s what happens when you book your child’s birthday party at Gentle East:

We will begin with an age-appropriate group Taekwondo lesson, with the Birthday Child being the star of the show. Taekwondo is a tested, fun and relaxed way for a child to develop strength and poise and flexibility in movement, while also acquiring physical and mental discipline, and learning the art of self-defense.

Depending on the age of the group, children will then take part in activities like freeze tag, relay races, shuttle runs, obstacle courses, red light green light, wiggle wiggle, sit still, and a wide variety of other fun games that we will pick in consultation with you. (Where most of the children are as young as four or five, we will ask you, the parents, for a list of games your child is familiar with and enjoys playing.)

At the end of the party all guests will also receive a Card for a 2-Week Free Trial Program, to be scheduled at their convenience. Note: The Two-Week Free Trial Program offer does not apply to children who are already students of Gentle East Martial Arts.


Party Structure:

  • The party space will be set up 30 minutes prior to starting time.
  • Guests should arrive approximately 10 to 15 minutes prior to start time so they can get ready to start on time.
  • We begin with a fun Taekwondo Lesson for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the children’s participation level.
  • We then play games for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The children will then eat, followed by a special Birthday Cake cutting ceremony.
  • After the cake, the children sit around the Birthday Boy or Girl while he/she opens their presents.
  • After the presents it is usually time to go home, but if time is left, we play more games.

What you need to bring to the party:

We supply the entertainment, you supply the rest. Some parents order pizza, others don’t. It’s your call. We recommend you bring napkins, plates, and plastic knives and forks, and a tablecloth large enough for all the children to sit around and eat. We also recommend you bring enough plastic garbage bags to put all the trash and paper in at the end of the party.

The drinks that we recommend are juice drinks that are in the boxes with plastic straws, or bottled water. We suggest pizza as it’s easy to arrange delivery and cleanup; we recommend ice cream cups if you plan to eat ice cream. Please don’t bring cups to drink out of as they almost always spill and make a mess and hold up the party.

A week prior to the party you need to provide us with a list of all the children who will possibly attend the party so that we can staff accordingly

We must have a waiver signed by you stating that the children’s parents know that they are at our studio participating in a party. When you give us the list of possible attendees, we will give you permission slips for the guests’ parents to sign and return to us.


Cost: For current Gentle East Students and their families there is no charge for the Party, for non-members the cost is $ 150.00.

Our space is available for Parties on Saturdays from 1:00 to 2:30 and from 3:30 to 5:00

Questions, please feel free to call us at 804-739-2715.