GEMA Games

GEMA-Games-WinDecal-smallerSQ-The Spring 2016 GEMA Games

On April 23, 2016, Gentle East Martial Arts will host the next GEMA Games, the school’s popular in-house tournament. The Spring 2016 GEMA Games will feature competition in Gyoroogi (sparring), Poomsae (forms), and Kyukpa (board breaking). Tournament participation is open to all current GEMA students. See Mr. Master Robinson, Mr. Ribeiro, or Master Rebele for further info.

Planned for the final day of April, this spring’s GEMA Games tournament will mark the conclusion of the Gentle East Martial Arts School’s month-long Autism Awareness Campaign, and will raise funds to benefit organizations serving individuals and families affected by Autism in our local community.

GEMA Games 2015: Saturday, May 2nd

On Saturday, May 2, 2015 Gentle East Martial Arts of VA will be hosting the GEMA Games, an in-house tournament just for our students! Tournaments provide meaningful learning experiences, promote good sportspersonship, and are an essential part of training in the art and sport of Taekwondo. Whether or not students develop aspirations in the competitive sport of Taekwondo, it is important that every student gets to experience all of the different aspects and traditions of Taekwondo practice and culture in the course of her/his training. We believe the best way to introduce our students to the competitive aspect of the art and sport is right here at home—in a familiar environment, with the instructors they know and trust, supported and encouraged by our whole dojang community. In keeping with our Taekwondo program’s success-based training model, the GEMA Games are designed to provide every student with a meaningful Taekwondo experience, in which his or her individual effort is appreciated and honored.

As a complement to our training program and in preparation for the GEMA Games, we will be offering a series of Saturday afternoon specialized skill development Masters’ Clinics throughout the next several months. These Masters’ Clinics will be led by Mr. Master Robinson and Master Rebele, along with Mr. Franklin and Mr. Ribeiro. Three of the Masters’ Clinics will offer students a unique learning experience focused specifically on the art and sport of Gyoroogi, or Taekwondo sparring. Students will be taught sparring rules and protocol, safety, as well as key concepts, techniques, and applications in Taekwondo sparring. The Masters will lead students in training exercises and drills designed for progressive skill development. These Clinics will have something to offer all students: from students who will be learning about sparring for the first time to those who are seasoned participants in sparring class or outside tournaments. Other Masters’ Clinics will focus on specialized skill development in Poomsae (forms) and Kyukpa (board breaking). All of the clinics will support students day-to-day Taekwondo training, and also will help them prepare for participation in the GEMA Games.

We are thrilled to offer these new training opportunities to our GEMA students and look forward to your/your child’s participation and ongoing success in our Taekwondo program!