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Gentle East started teaching Taekwondo as Woodlake Martial Arts in October of 1987,
in the aerobics center. In December of 1994, after seven years of steady growth, we
moved to a larger building and changed the name to Gentle East, in honor of our parent
school in Silver Springs, Maryland. In September 2009 we moved to our new building so
we can continue to grow. The children of some of our original students are now starting
a new generation!  The school is family owned and operated with hands on involvement by
the masters.  Come experience the difference being a part of the family can make in your training!


Customer Reviews:

May 16, 2017:

Thank you very much for being so considerate of my kids’ (and other kids of course!) safety!!  And thanks for Saturday, it touched my heart to see Connor accomplish something new and feel so proud of himself.  You are doing holy work over there!  Thanks so much!!  

Liz Grinsell